Random post…

Where I live, there’s a show called the Gruen Transfer. It basically pulls apart advertisements.

They have an award called the Golden Turd (which looks like gold coloured dog poo) for [dramatic announcer voice]THE WORST AD OF ALL TIME!!![/dramatic announcer voice]. And there’s lots of contenders.

If there was a version for fanfics ([dramatic announcer voice]THE WORST FANFIC OF ALL TIME!!![/dramatic announcer voice]), there would only be one contender: My Immortal (a Harry Potter fanfic).

44 chapters long. By Chapter 3, I was like ‘this is so bad’. At Chapter 16 ish, I considered proofreading. By the time I was about at Chapter 30, I gave up that idea. The best chapter (spelling-wise and story-wise) was Chapter 39. The one written by a hacker/troll/whatever. And the chapters are really short.
Yes, I read the whole thing. My friend said she read it, so I had to.

Some of the notable spelling mistakes just made the story more entertaining.
Such as: ‘masticating’. What was he chewing? Oh, you meant MASTURBATING. Sorry.
The author also replaced ‘minutes’ with ‘mutates’ in one case.
And, worst of all, the author also spells pretty much every character’s name wrong at least once (usually more). INCLUDING HER OWN OC!!! As in Ebony (the OC) is frequently referred to as ‘Enoby’.

Whats-her-name needs a spellchecker. NOW.

And the plot made no sense. Except for Chapter 39 (the alternate storyline version). You know, the one written by the hacker?

Truly [dramatic announcer voice]THE WORST FANFIC OF ALL TIME!!![/dramatic announcer voice].

Here’s the TVTropes page: http://www.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MyImmortal
It has a link to the story if you feel like torturing yourself.

Now, please excuse me while I go and read something better. Like my random scribblings during one Physics class, which managed to quote lyrics from two songs (Lucky Lucky and Hakuna Matata), mention clothes dryers (they’re vampires that drink your left socks with orange juice), plus features formulol and endolphins, as well as MissingNo.. (The first full stop is part of the file name.)

I should really get around to whitening my eyes…


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