About me

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Uh, hi. I’m CuteWhiteBunny. CWB for short.
I am a gamer. (As you may be able to tell by how often I’ll mention video games.)
I am a Troper. (As you may be able to tell by how often I’ll link to TV Tropes. Hope you didn’t have anything to do today. Mwahaha exclamation mark times five.)
I am an author. Well, kinda. I write stories.
I am an 18 year old girl who can be mistaken for a 14 year old guy. Not good.

I decided to start a blog a while ago, and it’s about time I started posting. I’ll probably post as regularly as VG Cats.
And the subject matter for posts will probably be games, TV Tropes, books, my stories, and other stuff I have opinions about.
Expect a lot of fangirling when I talk about Blizzard, games, and anything else I fangirl over. And some fanboy behavior as well. (Yes, there is a difference between fangirls and fanboys. Mainly, fangirl = character focused, fanboy = creator focused.) Although I’m somewhat mild compared to the TV Tropes description. I Squeek over characters (and occasionally creators, for example Samwise Didier from Blizzard, who is the reason the Pandaren Brewmaster exists, and is the lead vocalist in Blizzard’s rock band), and occasionally write Shipping fics, but I play the games as well (because most of my fandoms are video games).

If you want to read some of my stories, go to my DeviantART gallery.
You’re unlikely to find me anywhere else. At least not anywhere else I visit semi-regularly. I don’t have Facebook, and I don’t have Twitter. The Twitter situation is at least partly because of Linkin Park. A couple of years ago (Sep 2009), Mike Shinoda (the less well known vocalist) made an anti-Twitter post on his blog. This led to a blog vs. Twitter war, and I was on Team Shinoda (the blog side). So now I have a blog, and I will probably never get Twitter.

CWB out.


Oh my god

My hometown just got flattened by another earthquake. It’s like… oh my god. I’m so glad I’m not living there at the moment. Though where I am right now hasn’t been much better.

So much has happened in the last six months.

September last year: Christchurch (the place I grew up in and still consider my hometown) had a huge earthquake. Death toll was one lemur and two cows. A lot of buildings were damaged and destroyed, though. In the ‘destroyed’ category was the primary school I went to, which has/had to be demolished (not sure if it had been yet). They relocated temporarily to the Catholic cathedral.
I recieved a text from my dad soon after it happened, which I didn’t understand until I’d heard about the quake, partly because he didn’t explain what had happened. Oh well.

January this year: Toowoomba (the place I’ve been living for the past 1 1/2 years) had a flash flood, mistakenly referred to as an ‘inland tsunami’ by many people. I didn’t find out until afterwards, since I was inside and probably asleep, and the water didn’t come inside. When I heard about it, I was worried for one of my friends, since she lives in Withcott. Downhill from Toowoomba. Not a good place to be. She was fine, though. Her place is on a small hill/incline thing, so yeah.
I also wondered how my favourite shop handled it. It’s a small business, run by some pretty cool people, next door to a very badly damaged shop. Neo Tokyo survived. Not only that, they opened again less than a week later. And they were in one of the worst hit parts of Toowoomba. CMoA, for sure.

Yesterday: Christchurch had another earthquake. This one had less energy, but it was worse. Centered in Lyttleton Harbour (an old volcano crater). The Cathedral that gives Cathedral Square its name (the Anglican one) is very badly damaged. The other main cathedral (the Catholic one) is damaged, too. So my primary school has nowhere to teach. Again. At least they won’t have to worry about it for a while, since school is cancelled until further notice.
My dad was once again first to give me information, since he still lives there. He texted me about the quake, and also said that the relatives who live in Chch are safe. I have a lot of relatives over there. My dad and his new family, my dad’s mum, my dad’s two sisters and their families, plus other aunts, uncles and cousins.

This would probably be a good excuse for not doing last night’s homework. ‘My hometown got destroyed again’.

Random post…

Where I live, there’s a show called the Gruen Transfer. It basically pulls apart advertisements.

They have an award called the Golden Turd (which looks like gold coloured dog poo) for [dramatic announcer voice]THE WORST AD OF ALL TIME!!![/dramatic announcer voice]. And there’s lots of contenders.

If there was a version for fanfics ([dramatic announcer voice]THE WORST FANFIC OF ALL TIME!!![/dramatic announcer voice]), there would only be one contender: My Immortal (a Harry Potter fanfic).

44 chapters long. By Chapter 3, I was like ‘this is so bad’. At Chapter 16 ish, I considered proofreading. By the time I was about at Chapter 30, I gave up that idea. The best chapter (spelling-wise and story-wise) was Chapter 39. The one written by a hacker/troll/whatever. And the chapters are really short.
Yes, I read the whole thing. My friend said she read it, so I had to.

Some of the notable spelling mistakes just made the story more entertaining.
Such as: ‘masticating’. What was he chewing? Oh, you meant MASTURBATING. Sorry.
The author also replaced ‘minutes’ with ‘mutates’ in one case.
And, worst of all, the author also spells pretty much every character’s name wrong at least once (usually more). INCLUDING HER OWN OC!!! As in Ebony (the OC) is frequently referred to as ‘Enoby’.

Whats-her-name needs a spellchecker. NOW.

And the plot made no sense. Except for Chapter 39 (the alternate storyline version). You know, the one written by the hacker?

Truly [dramatic announcer voice]THE WORST FANFIC OF ALL TIME!!![/dramatic announcer voice].

Here’s the TVTropes page: http://www.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MyImmortal
It has a link to the story if you feel like torturing yourself.

Now, please excuse me while I go and read something better. Like my random scribblings during one Physics class, which managed to quote lyrics from two songs (Lucky Lucky and Hakuna Matata), mention clothes dryers (they’re vampires that drink your left socks with orange juice), plus features formulol and endolphins, as well as MissingNo.. (The first full stop is part of the file name.)

I should really get around to whitening my eyes…

Hello world!


I’m the CuteWhiteBunny and this is my blog.

I’ll be posting about stuff I like, mostly including Linkin Park, or Pokemon.

Um, enjoy!